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 sunshine republic 
Offensive and difficult in equal measure, Sunshine Republic have heard it all before. These songs have grown out of a pure bloody-minded boredom with the need to impress. Somewhere lodged between metal and improv, violent and vulnerable.

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Melancholy Rhino
Paul Roylance -

Voyeur video one

Voyeur video two

Voyeur video three


Let's Have Sex

Released online in 2010, Let's Have Sex is a nightmare of crumbing frequencies and extended improvisations, recorded at head-splitting volume on the factory floor with two mics and a tape machine. The whole record is at bandcamp to be had for free.

1 It's only booze but I like it 15:14 34.96 MB
2 If this song was a gun it'd be big and fire backwards as well 11:11 25.99 MB

Ransack Your Mansack

Sunshine Republic - Ransack Your Mansack
KR 030306

Sunshine Republic take 17 plus minutes to construct a wandering haze of wailing feedback, woozy vocals and assorted grrumble and clatter, eventually stumbling across the remains of a lurching, semi retarded groove, melting down inside a shitlined cave of intense amplifier chunder and blistered metal droning, hollowed out by righteous caveman sloth-stomp, get your stereo dimed and break out the beers, this will put you in the ground. £5+postage from Krayon.

Beer Crew

Sunshine Republic Beer Crew Round One
Exclusive Beer Club
KR 030205

$un$hine republic's stupidest idea yet. If you donate money into their beer fund they'll send you cd-rs and stuff you won't be able to get at shows, unless you bring them a 6 pack of stripe. 2nd of two editions.

1 Beer Crew Round 2 - Cockchafer 17:48 24.46 MB

sunshine republic / flatlands split 12

Sunshine Republic / Flatlands split 12" gray 180g vinyl
Superfi / Krayon Recordings

£5 from SuperFi Records

older jams

Older recordings from the days of actual riffs and toe-tapping time signatures...some are still available from Krayon.

2 Thunderwing Doomslayer 8:52 8.52 MB