jack nicholson

 jack nicholson 

guitar/toys jeff
guitar/toys gish
laptop/toys bart

JN grew out of experiments between Jeff and Gish during 2003. Recruiting laptop programmer Bart, a system was assembled that allowed improvisations that shared control of the musical narrative between all three players. Bridging the gap between three seperate simultaneous improvisations and pre-determined unity, laptops directly manipulate the sounds of the analogue instruments, which in turn manipulate feedback loops, all exploring the internal limits of the equipment's possibilities.

The results are layers of sound, the freedoms of which are ever-shifting, and with a musical logic remains unpredictable. Drones, gitches, harmonies and noise all battle for space, as performances continue to evolve with no reference to anything other than the passing moment.

**** First release is available on Krayon ****
48:00 - 4 improvisations with a hand-made recycled card sleeve

jack nicholson also appear on the pand a' flesh release...

Stitched Up Limbs 2 - a collection of independant, leftfield and unusual music from the south coast.

Follow this direction for more details: Pand a' Flesh


Jack Nicholson

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