Glockenspiel are:

Guitars/Electronics: Adrian Dollemore
Drums: Steve d'Enton

Mesmerising guitar/loop/feedback playing/processing with jaw-dropping drums - a duo that transcend the minimal forces with layers and layers of bloody sublime music.

If you grab just one tune from this site, make it one of these.

Glock live at ICA London



Full length album out on Krayon.

1 F.A.I. 5:50 0.00 MB

Glock One

Three-track Ep available from Krayon or from Glockenspiel directly.

1 Glock One 5:00 0.00 MB

Recorded with Steve D'Enton

**** First release available on Krayon ****

'and we play modern hits too' - all original hand-drawn artwork, each copy is unique

1 Fell on Stoney Ground 3:18 3.18 MB