Gig History

Improvising guitarist with Sunshine Republic and Jack Nicholson trio.

Previously with Tex La Homa, Miss Black America and others. Appeared on several Peel sessions, live performances for the Evening Session and BBC OneLive in Nottingham, XFM, Virgin and CapitalFM. Compositions have been performed at Sonic Arts Festival, and by percussionist Simon Limbrick. Performed across Europe, including Primavera Sound 2004, Tanned Tin 2003 (Spain), ReCession04 (Denmark) and at a school in Hamada, Japan in 2005.

Billion album available on Dead Pilot Records (2010)

A collection of recordings made over summer 2009, originally intended to be released on tape. Thunderdrones, post-feedback, drumclutter-programming and euphoric melodies generated from guitars, vintage electronics and stolen samples. Lovely handmade packaging, limited edition.

Dead Pilot Records

Pilfer Ep available on Dead Sea Liner (2009)

Gish primarily uses both abused and delicately caressed guitar as his sound source. In Hilda Of the White Rage Gish manages to summon the ghost of Sun Ra haunting his rusting deserted mothership. On Poy La Standet Gish is joined by Andrew Perry on mic to emit a brisk drone, beautifully recorded and dripping with colour. (Dead Sea Liner)

The first tune combines sampled/processed percussion with minimal guitars. Part two is built around the live duo performance between me and Andrew Perry in Norway earlier this year.

Dead Sea Liner

Making Clocks Full-length release out on Dirty Demos (2008).

Solo using guitar and sometimes a microphone, run through a mixing board and various electronics. Making Clocks is a sweet display of sound textures, microsound and glitch. Think bleak, minimal and marvellous. (Dirty Demos)

Six tracks, just short of an hour, exploring the quieter side of drones, loops and electroacoustics.

Dirty Demos
Normans Records

Miss Black America John Peel and Lamacq Live Sessions, courtesy of The Runout Groove.

MBA Peel Sessions

MBA Lamacq Session

An old MBA review

Full video of me and Andrew Perry performing in Norway



2010 album available on Dead Pilot Records

1 Ego Surf 4:59 6.85 MB

Internet Freebies

Recordings made to give away.

1 Viking Hacker 7:51 10.31 MB
2 Summer Cannibals 11:23 15.63 MB
3 Tractate Middoth 11:08 15.28 MB
4 Burnside Lip 8:11 11.24 MB

Striate Cortex compilation

1 Hesse 6:05 8.36 MB

Making Clocks

Album of one-take guitar+electronics improvs out on Dirty Demos

1 ...And Counting 10:35 14.54 MB

Ballan Wrasse

Guitars voice and objects. Recorded in London 2007.

1 Grizzled Skipper 7:41 10.58 MB

Gish / Black Guns

5 track cdr featuring individual contibutions from Gish and Jeff from Sunshine Republic. Three seperate offerings from Gish, framing mangled guitar, sourced voices and mouth noises, respectively, within a shroud of electronic whine and hiss. Black Guns two pieces book-ending the split set buzzing drones and clouds of noxious electronics over unstable foundations of field recordings, bowed cymbals and oscillators.

£4+Postage from Krayon Recordings

1 Untitled 5:57 10.23 MB

Live at Scaledown May 2008

Live solo set.

1 Improvisation 1 9:16 12.66 MB


1 Amusement Puke 6:12 5.95 MB
2 Over Counter 4:41 4.50 MB


A collaborative effort featuring vocals on 'Have To Be' by Matt Shaw of Tex La Homa, with the trombones on 'Bass Buzz By Broken Power' by Volio.

1 Pedal on Strings 5:10 4.97 MB
2 Have to Be 4:40 4.48 MB
3 Bass Buzz by Broken Power 6:00 5.76 MB