Gig History

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Bury St Edmunds, Priors Inn

Bat Faced Girl with others

Brixton, London, Jamm

Miss Black America reunion show

Brighton, Spirit of Gravity - Hector's House

$un$hine republic at Spirit of Gravity all-dayer

Brighton, Spirit of Gravity - Komedia

$un$hine republic

Bury St Edmunds, Hardcore Hobbies

Gish solo at Hardstock 3 Festival

Utrecht, Netherlands, Theater Kikker

Sunshine Republic with Murw and Asra

Lille, France, La Rouge

Gihs/Perry Duo with Death By Horsecock

Liege, Belgium, Carlo Levi

Gish/Perry duo with Folle Eglise and Helicopter Sanglante

Stoke Newington, London, Pebbledash Gallery

Gish with Andrew Perry, with Arar, Sindre Berga and Nils Rostad

Manor House, London, Spatchcock

Gish and Andrew Perry, with Nitikowski, One Man Team Dance, Roll Call For The Second Site and Latahs

Bournemouth, iBar

Gish and Rich Preston with Golden Oaks Three Billion and Glockenspiel

London, Kilburn, The Good Ship

Gish and Alan Read with Psychedelic Desert, Axxonn and Bo Ningen

Trondheim, Norway, Stoy Pa Landet Festival

Gish with Perry, plus Animal Machine, Touch My Junk, Yaaard, No Context, Wjiik Animal, Tusuri, Ella
Guru, Iversen, Dead Lazarus, Sarkjazzmico, Parallax and loads of others.

Bournemouth, iBar

Sunshine Republic with Nepalese Temple Ball

Cambridge, Portland Arms

Sunshine Republic with Psychic Paramount

London - Fitzrovia, Scaledown @ King and Queen

Sunshine Republic with Alan Lacroix, Chris Weaver, Mark Grebby and others.

London - Shoreditch, Catch 22

Sunshine Republic with Nitikowski and Temperatures

Bournemouth, The Winchester

No Context, with Sunshine Republic, Plinth, Dildano, Littleboat and Vanessa Feltch

Bournemouth, The Winchester

Sunshine Republic with Neptune, Glockenspiel and The Mylar Blackout

Bournemouth, 60 Million Postcards

As part of No Context, with Tim Holehouse and Snaile

Cambridge, Portland Arms

Sunshine Republic with Moha! and Elapso-O

High Wycombe, Nag's Head

with Dog Frog, Glockenspiel and others

London, Scaledown @ The King And Queen

with Country Dad, Nitwood, Animal Objective and Crayola Lecturn

Bournemouth, The Gander

Gish and Rich Preston Duo with Dog Frog, Glockenspiel and Sancho

Bournemouth, The Gander

Sunshine Republic with True Swamp Neglect (CloudCloudCloud launch), Animal Magic Tricks, Dutch
Husband and Black Pepper

Southampton, The Hobbit

Jack Nicholson with Glockenspiel, Dogeeseseegod and Non Dieu

Bournemouth, 60 Million Postcards

Gish & Richie P with Skitanja / No Context / Quamvis Sum Parva

Brighton, Greenhouse Effect

Sunshine Republic with Fat Worm of Error / You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons /

Bristol, The Junction

Sunshine Republic with Itchy Tasty / You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons /

Lincoln, Horse and Groom

Sunshine Republic with Worse Things Happen At Sea