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Reviews of Pilfer can be found here:

Wonderful Wooden Reasons

Vital Weekly

Thanks to both.


My newest recording Pilfer is out today at

The first tune combines sampled/processed percussion with minimal guitars. Part two is built around the live duo performance between me and Andrew Perry in Norway earlier this year.

Gish primarily uses both abused and delicately caressed guitar as his sound source. In Hilda Of the White Rage Gish manages to summon the ghost of Sun Ra haunting his rusting deserted mothership. On Poy La Standet Gish is joined by Andrew Perry on mic to emit a brisk drone, beautifully recorded and dripping with colour. Dead Sea Liner.

I'm also very lucky to be part of two tracks of the No Context and Friends album The Vicious Blankness.
This is the first release on Blank Page Recordings and has shows by Allan, Adam and Adrian jamming with Matt Shaw, o.m.s - n.m.a., Cathy Stevens, Udo Dzierzranowski and Jason Kerley. You can get this record from
No Context myspace

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